My Christmas Wishlist!

Welcome back!

With the year coming to an end it means that Christmas is approaching fast (I however am not complaining)! With this in mind I thought it was the perfect time to put my Christmas Wishlist together. Some of these may appear regularly on my blog but let’s hope not!


1- Since I’m hoping at some point this year I get a job, I’m going to need some stuff to move out with and I just thought these Maxwell & Williams glasses would be perfect for that.

2- When this band first became a ‘thing’ I didn’t think I would enjoy it nor did I think I would like to see them everywhere. I have to say I am still undecided but I would like either one of these two things (or both) for Christmas. I would love to see TourPlay as I have heard this gives McFly and Busted fans the best possible view of the band as a whole!

3- I’ve heard so many get things about this book and I would love to have the chance to read it. It just looks so lovely too.

4- Last year (or maybe the beginning of this year) I went to Benefit and bought a blush (which I use to contour) and I got a free sample of this mascara. I loved it from first application. Since then I have lost it and would love to have a whole bottle to use on my eyes!


This is obviously not everything but it gives you a taste of what I do enjoy! I hope to see you soon!



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