First Impression – Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless Foundation

Why hello there!

I thought it would be time to finally post something about beauty on my blog again. Today I thought I would give a first impression for you (if you hadn’t already guessed) on the Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless Foundation. 

DSC00830 DSC00831

These foundations come in a range of colours and give you a description of who it would suit best on the bottom of the package. I take No. 1 Ivory. This colour (as the description suggests) is for fair skin with yellow undertones.

Throughout the day I took photos outside to show you what it really looked like on my face. But to begin this post I just put on layer on and took a photo inside.

First Impression 3

Left – Bfjiihfefore foundation. Right – After foundation.

I found putting this foundation on was an easy task. It was super blendable and was easy to build. After this photo was taken I put on just a little bit more around my nose and redish areas of my face. I found that it completely covered it with limited working.  I also found throughout the day that it looked a little orange and I feel like it may be the powder I am using, so next time I try this foundation I will not put powder on over the top.

Throughout the day I took pictures on my phone to show how it really looked in the daytime.

First Impression 4

Top Left – Full face after put on Top Right – After 2 hours of wear Bottom Left- After 4/5 hours of wear Bottom Right – After 11 hours of wear

I even found at the 11 hour mark it was still perfectly on my face, if there were any lines that had come up I just had to blend it back in together and it was perfectly fine, which is crazy for a foundation, I think.

It also came off super easy, all I had to do was wash my face and wolla it was gone! I really recommend this product to you all. Especially since it was around $30 from Target and you get wonderful coverage and so many different shades!

*this is not sponsored*

See you soon!


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