Buying Christmas Gifts

Throughout my life I have always been a last minute person. That assessment is due start the night before. Christmas is coming up start the day before. and so on and so fourth. However this year I had a mindset. I said to myself I am going to buy ALL my Christmas presents before my big lot of work comes around. So here are a few tips to make buying Christmas gifts that much easier.


  • Make a list of people you have to buy for. This is one of the simplest things you can do, by making this list you know exactly how many people you are buying for.
  • Add to that list exactly what you are going to buy. This gives you some idea of what you would like to buy each person which means you can go and grab it without putting a DVD aside for them.
  • Do NOT go on weekends. That sets you up for disaster. There will be no parks, there will be all of your town there and you will get nothing done.
  • I know this can be tricky, so you need to find time when you know you would be able to find the time to go without all the crowds.
  • If you have time throughout the year to think about Christmas gifts for loved ones buy it (if you think they won’t buy it themselves).

Talk soon!

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