How I: Straighten my Hair

Why hello there!

I thought I would start this little series and not call it How To but instead How I, since to be honest, I am no expert when coming to most of these How’s anyway. But if you decide that you enjoy this then that’s also fine.

Things I use

Things I use


Before I decide to straighten my hair, I wash my hair with Rokk Ebony Heat; protection shampoo and weightless conditioner. Because, I must say a lot of the time I forget to put heat protector in my hair and these products help with this and can be done only hours before you start straightening.


When I remember I spray and brush through my hair throughout the straightening process the Rokk Ebony Heat; Heat protection spray. 


To begin, I put one side of my hair up in a pony tail with the hair band, while sectioning off the other half with the clip,

DSC00937 DSC00943

Then continuing to section my hair I straighten it. Which is really not the fun part. I would have continued to photograph this process but my hair was just not working with me on this night and I really could not be bothered and I had to take triple the time to do it.


Before and after

Before and after

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some tips! I’ll speak to you all very soon.


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