Whatever you like

You’d think before I click that add new button I’d have something to actually write. Tonight I don’t. I have had many a thing spring to my mind but none of them seem right. I thought I’d just be completely honest right now. I’ve always been one to have an opinion say an opinion but never like anyone disagreeing with me (or sometimes even agreeing with me). Sometimes I like to say an opinion and it just be my opinion without having to defend, without having to justify just saying what I feel and being able to leave it at that.

I realise that it is a dumb thing to think that no one will ever not say something to me or have an opinion back and I feel like I just wanted someone to hear it. Like with job hunting, I’m having a hard time others aren’t I just want to feel sad without others telling me how ‘it will all work out’. Like can’t I just be sad that things are working for others and not me.

Anyway I feel like I’ve turned this into a tumblr post now.. Awesome..

See you soon…

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