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From the moment I held this book in my hands I was like I am going to write a review, then it took a couple of weeks and I thought, no I’m not going to write a review for these reasons:

  1. I didn’t finish the book (HOW CAN YOU WRITE A REVIEW IF YOU DIDN’T FINISH!)
  2. The ‘ghostwriting’ scandal
  3. There are SO many reviews.

But here I am starting this silly review.

Let me begin by saying how stupid I think this ghost writing scandal is! How many of you have gone into a job the very first day and not had anyone right there helping you? That’s what I thought, so don’t start criticizing someone (who although has said has written a few books) who hasn’t ever done anything to this extent before. Don’t sit on your pedestal telling me how she never told her viewers, no she didn’t explicitly say ‘someone is ghostwriting this book for me’ although she did say a few times she needed help to write this book. That’s my stand on that and that’s all I’m going to say.


No my review. Ok I know I didn’t finish it but there are a few main reasons:

  1. It was poorly written
  2. The age of 12-16 needs to be taken back to 12-14
  3. The story was predictable

I wanted to be one of those girls who was like Yes Zoe you have done it you have proved everyone wrong. But I’m not. I could not read this book, I found (even with the ghost writer) it was poorly poorly written. It was like a children’s book but longer. No sorry. And to be honest I am one of those adults (recent adults) who still read ‘teenage fantasy’ fiction aimed at 12-16 year olds and love it. Love it so much I read it over and over again (one of my favourite books is a teenage book aimed at 12-16 year olds!). The day this book arrived in the mail I read State of Serendipity’s review and I was so excited to start reading it, until of course I did.

The story line is predictable, I have to say if you’ve read the blurb you’ve read the story. I also feel like the boy meets girl across the world has been done and done often and this was not up to par with a lot of those other books. I do realise this is the first book, but have you read some authors first books THEY ARE AMAZING and this just didn’t compare and I was deeply saddened. I was able to predict what would happen within the first few chapters (I didn’t finish it but I did skim it). I read half of this book continuing to think to myself, this must get better, but it didn’t. I wanted to love it and I had many of the same experiences as the main character but I just couldn’t.


Overall I really didn’t enjoy it (if you hadn’t guessed) but I will continue to try and read it (maybe once I’ve finished my new series).

Did you enjoy it? Tell me your thoughts?


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