Best Boyfriend!

Why hello there internet!

Over the Christmas break my boyfriend and I decided to do separate things with our families, this was the first time we have ever actually decided this and it was hard. It turned out that M decided to take 3 weeks away with family as many members were having quiet a bit of difficultly lately. Which made things for me at home pretty hard especially when job hunting is not going very well at all!

But I have to say he is perfect! One of his last days away he asked me what make-up I would buy if I was away with him. All I said was I usually go for lips, eyes and blush and I thought, I’ll get one of those, turns out I got all 3 and more!



These are the 3 main things M came home with and I am extremely happy with his choices! Not only that he could find all these things but he brought me one of each I asked for.

(While writing this post I have not tried any of these products. However, you may have seen me use them in previous posts, I’m sorry I do these in advance!)

DSC01053 DSC01058

I know my boy had help with picking these shades, but I have to say I am really impressed with what he chose! I absolutely adore the shading of this blush and how it has many shades in the Mosaic pattern. Although I wasn’t really worried about what he would chose for blush, it was the others I worried about.


No. 13




Once I opened this quad I was incredibly impressed with M’s choice. He defiantly chose colours he knows I use often and I am so proud of it!




The lip colour was what I was worried about the most! He told me he went in and asked the woman for the most ‘whorish red’ she could find and thankfully came out with this GORGEOUS colour!

Now to the extras, as M tells me it’s because he is just so wonderful when speaking with shop assistants (in my dealings with him it’s because he flirts), but he got the ‘present’ although he didn’t pay the amount that should apply.



To be honest I doubt I’ll use anything in this kit other than the lip lacquer as I never use fake eyelashes and I haven’t mastered eyeliner yet. But I do think I’ll be trying to give it ago and hopefully fill myself with confidence.

But to end I just love how M knows me so well and knows exactly the types of things I would wear and didn’t need my help to find it. So I want to say a big public thank-you to him!

See you soon!



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