Book Review – The Rosie Project


Why hello there internet.

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion and I have to say I have been loving it! I loved this book as you might have seen in my January Favourites. I first wanted to read this book because my celebrity crush Tom Fletcher mentioned it in a vlog (which one I don’t remember), but then I started looking at it online and decided that I thought I would enjoy it immensely!



The main concept of this book is Don (will get to him later) setting up a ‘wife project’ which is a survey to find (obviously) the ‘perfect wife’ and through this he meets Rosie who does not fit his ‘perfect wife’ at all. But he decides he’ll help her with her problem of finding who her father is. This was the perfect story line, it kept you on your toes and waiting to see what happened next with both Don and Rosie.

The narration is wonderful and I can’t believe I hadn’t read this earlier! One of the most wonderful things about this book is it is set in Melbourne, Australia. I have to say I have read some books that have been set in my country but they just didn’t compare this however found Melbourne wonderfully.



Don – As I said earlier Don has a wonderful narrator voice and fits his character perfectly throughout the entire book. Don is a university lecture who not only has OCD but also has some form as Aspergers although he does not realise or want to admit.

Rosie – As mentioned earlier is defiantly not what Don is looking for in a wife. She is a heavy headed feminist who shows exactly how she is feeling when she feels it (although maybe not everything). Throughout the story she has good character development, both by herself and with Don.

Minor Characters – There are 2 other Minor characters; Gene and Claudia Don’s best friends who work into this story and plot beautifully and slot in well together. You also get to see some other things that are involved in their marriage and dealings with Don and how they treat him together and alone.


Overall I completely enjoyed this book and would give it at least a 4.5 out of 5.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Tell me your thoughts?


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