5 tips to making friends!

Why hello there friends!

UPDATE: It has been a while. I’m going to sit down tomorrow and plan for the next 3 weeks of blogs and continue to do that ahead of time so I have things to post. Because if I’m honest I love this place, it makes me happy and I’m so glad the internet exists for me to have this opportunity. Now on with today’s post!

I’ve never been one to be out there. I’ve never let my guard down and given my number to people and invited people out with me. I’m the hermit of the group. I keep to myself, I enjoy company but don’t ask for it and wish that everyone just knew that I wanted their attention and affection.

Moving to a new town brings BIG problems when you’re the hermit girl inside, because you KNOW no one and if you don’t make effort they won’t make effort. So here is my 5 tips to making friends (if you hadn’t already guessed).

  1. Conversation – You know who you are and you know the people you’ll like. So if you hit it off with someone whether it be at work or at a club or down the road, continually make conversation with them. It doesn’t even have to be interesting conversation (it would be preferred) and if you hit it off they’ll continually want to talk to you!
  2. Be confident – You gotta get that hermit OUT. You know how good you are and you know that ANYONE would be lucky to call you a friend, so don’t you DARE let that hermit mess you up! You go you talk about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your favourite pizza. YOU GO!
  3. Allow yourself to feel – I know this is hard and sounds stupid. But sometimes you close off. You don’t allow yourself to jump into the unknown and feel how it feels. Allow yourself. The person wants you to feel happy and loved you just have to allow yourself to.
  4. Leave your past – Obviously you’re not going to leave your whole past behind, but leave some of it. If you had drama in your life, leave that at the door. Don’t tell them every little drama you had. If you’re going through a hard time, sure let them know because you’ll probably be distant but don’t let it affect the whole relationship. It’s a NEW relationship for a reason.
  5. Have fun – How cliche am I? But seriously let yourself go out, let yourself feel like this is exactly what you want. Let yourself go out. Don’t be a hermit.

I know these seem like obvious things, but when you’re in the situation you usually need that pick me up of, is that really what I do? Because I’ll assure you right now, that’s exactly what you do.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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