Priceline Haul

Why hello there!

Somedays I go out and get carried away in Priceline (I honestly think everyone does this). And last week it was one of those days I got carried away.


On this day I actually went in looking for ONE thing! Can you believe I actually thought I’d walk in and out of Priceline with ONE thing! No way did that happen or was it ever going to!

DSC01105 DSC01106

This Australis ACONTOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit was the one thing I went in for. I’d seen it a few weeks back in the ‘special’ pile and thought how great it was, not only the colours but also how it comes with a guide to help, those like me, who don’t have much of a clue what they are doing!


This Matte finish foundation was actually the next thing I saw and thought I would love. I’ve always got dewy foundations and I am also a foundation hoarder, like I like to look at foundations before anything else (is that strange?). I can’t wait to try this out!




I feel like I already have this lipstick/gloss from Australis but I picked it up again and when I got home I couldn’t find it. Turns out I left it at my parents house when I moved out. O well.


Let me be honest I’m not only a foundation hoarder I’m also a mascara hoarder. Seriously. I’ll look at foundation then mascara even though I HAVE LOTS OF MASCARA. The bad thing about this though I was so excited about picking this one up I forgot to look at the colour, turns out I picked up the blue one and not the black one!


This was just my standard lipstick pick up!




Again with the foundation! I have actually heard quiet a lot of good things about this foundation and that’s really why I picked it up (I’m such a follower, opps).



Again this was kind of a follower purchase, although I have found (after using this like twice) that it’s actually a really nice highlight for under my eyes!


This was a bit of a ‘yep I’m going to take this’ purchase because I thought I’d picked too much of the other stuff and I really liked the colour in the pan! Opps.


I’m so bad at trying to save! I hope you enjoyed this snoop!






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