First Impressions/One Brand Make-up

Why hello there!

As you would have seen in my last post (Priceline Haul!) I am a HUGE foundation hoarder. While in Priceline I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer. So I thought it would be great to do a one brand/first impression post (since I had to go back to Priceline to pick up a few things for this post).


Ignore the awful brightness of this picture. It does change

Ignore the awful brightness of this picture. It does change

This foundation doesn’t have a pump which is actually really annoying because it is a very watery foundation and I have trouble in the first place getting foundation out. However, it goes on very nicely and blends into your skin perfectly, it’s a medium to full coverage, the only problem is, it was the lightest colour 115 and it was a little too dark for my skin. Not a whole lot, but you could definitely tell it was different.

DSC01151 DSC01152

Since purchasing this concealer I have been using it non-stop. It’s colour 15 and is the perfect colour for under eyes. Which is the only place I put it in this look. I didn’t use any powder and that didn’t make much different for either, the concealer or foundation.

DSC01154 DSC01158

Fit Me Blush – 204 Medium Pink, this blush has such a nice colour and it was so easy to apply onto the face.

DSC01160 DSC01162

As a contour/bronzer I used the Master Hi-light 50 Light Bronze. I found this the perfect colour for a bronze for my skin tone, if you have darker skin it would be a really nice highlight. The thing with this was that it doesn’t look like an awful brown or I’ve rolled in dirt, it looks darker but not so dark that it’s a noticeable difference on my skin.

DSC01163 DSC01164

When I went into Priceline, I was really just going to go with the natural colours (pinks, browns etc.) but I thought I’d go out of my comfort zone a bit more. So I chose this Big Eyes – 05 Luminous Purple. In today’s look I used the middle, bottom and right colours. The palette has such a wonderful colour pay off.


I’ve used the Falsies mascara before but obviously I was an idiot and left it at my parents house. I picked up the Falsies Flare. I found it a good mascara (as I knew it would be) however I did not find it flared my eyelashes in anyway.


I also picked up the new Colour Drama pencils. I used the colour 410 Fab Orange. Applying this lip colour is so nice and easy to apply. It also wipes away nicely without leaving smudges or marks. The only thing I can fault about it is it doesn’t dry. It’s continually wet, which is fine, but also gets everywhere.


Overall I really enjoyed the Maybelline products and application is so effortless.


Hope you enjoyed this!



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