What’s this, a blog?

Wow, hasn’t it been lonely on here for a while. Crap.

Now I’m going to sit here and say I’m sorry (again) for about the 100th time, but lots has happened since April. In April I was prepared, I’d written down all these ideas for blogs in the future and what I was going to write and then life happened (I even have things sitting here saying draft). My life has been busy and crazy and just plain hectic. I’ve thought about this little blog I really have but I just haven’t had the time to sit and write. (Even now I don’t have the time I’ve had this open for a few days now and I continue to add.)

I can sit here and say I’ll try harder but I won’t, so I’m sorry (again) but you’re just on the back burner. My life has done a full like flip that I don’t even know how to deal with it. So trying to write a blog to is hard.
I promise I’ll be back at some point, but when I don’t know.


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