My 2015 must haves

Why hello there, what’s this 2 posts in 2 weeks. Let’s not get too excited now (;

I realise we are half way through January of 2016 and I’m (still) writing about 2015. But since it was my toughest year yet, I thought it only appropriate to write about the things that got me through (not just the beauty side of things).

Let’s just get into it;

  1. My family, let me be honest, last year was so bad, I literally only took selfies of mainly myself. So there are some things you need to know. 1. my mum will kill me. 2. the photo of dad is from 2014. 3. there are no photos of my brothers but they are needed too. Now let me tell you some of the reasons why my family is a must have, they were always there for me when things got really rough. On days where I felt totally down and out about myself I’d just call home and they’d be there for me, they’d listen to the stupid scenario and give me ways to push through it. They listened to me for a couple of months cry over M who LEFT me, because (let me be blunt) he got scared and at the end of some very stressful days we would Skype each other and just watch a very crappy tv show together.
2015 must haves 1

Top left-right; me and my niece, mum (she’ll hate me). Bottom; dad and I, ok I’m obsessed with this kid, my mother surprised me on my birthday with this cute little thing!

2. Independence. I still have my independence but moving out of home for the first time and moving such a way from home I had to learn to deal with situations without having my parents there to fix things for me. Also having a job that was full time meant I could begin to pay for things that meant something to me.




3. Friends. Holy moly did this year tell me who my friends are and did it not make friendships so much stronger. I also got out of my comfort zone and made a friend (who by the way I am so excited to see again!). Friends have always meant the world to me but I know I always am a little ‘out of it’ you could say and don’t pay enough attention, but last year, wow, they were my rocks along with my parents. Honestly poor Jasmine, got the total brunt of it and I cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for me.

2015 must haves 2

4. Matte by Models Prefer (shade 02). I found this gem after one of my many attempts at blogging last year (click here) and it has been a must have in my make-up bag for nights out ever since! It covers my face so perfectly and I am always looking for a matte finish when going out which this gives 100% (well it definitely should after being named Matte). The formulation is good too it’s not runny nor does it stick to your brush too much. This stuff blends perfectly into my skin with such ease that it makes the pain of ‘night out’ make-up so much easier!


5. ACONTOUR by Australis. I found this gem in the same post as I found the Matte foundation. I have to say though I really only use one shade out of this palette because let’s be honest I’m the palest of the pale and none of these lovely ‘highlight’ shades actually highlight my face in anyway. Also I’ve been so scared to try any of the other contouring shades as sometimes if I use too much of a heavy hand on my shade I have to start my make-up again because I look like I’ve rolled around in a pile of mud.


6. Sunglasses. I am a sunglasses hoarder, seriously I have so many pairs it’s insane. But this year I splurged and got myself a pair of ray bans, they were quiet expensive but definitely what I needed for the Australian sun.


I have to say I think that’s all my must have’s of 2015 or the things I needed the most of this year. My life has been crazy and it’s not getting much better right now. Hopefully, things start going my way soon.


Love to you all,


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