Why hello there again.


I’m someone who is intense when you’re in a relationship and by relationship I mean, friendship, boyfriend/girlfriend, family etc. I have balance, believe me I have balance, but I’m intense. I need people to reassure me constantly that they aren’t leaving me, that what they say and do they mean and that when they say something they mean it. I guess I’ve been through so many ‘break-ups’ with people that my custom to any relationship now is, do you really mean what you say? I guess it’s become more prominent now that I have dealt with one of the biggest relationship changes of my life and wasn’t even spoken to about it. I then had to live with that change by myself and try and figure new relationships out and that was hard.

It’s hard to put your trust back into someone when someone hurt you so deeply. You think you’re past it and then it just come back without any warning. Maybe I overthink things often too and this is one of those times. But I just need to write and talk and overthink it some more because I become.


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