One Day;

One day I’ll realise my self worth again.
One day I’ll start to stand up for myself.
One day I’ll understand hurt and the reason we all have to cry.
One day I think life will make sense.
One day I’ll cry uncontrollably because of you.
One day I’ll be grateful for the day you left me.
One day I’ll understand why things hurt me so much.
One day I’ll understand my anxiety.
One day I’ll have the job I love.
One day my mind won’t trick me into believing stupid things.
One day I’ll stop believing the crap that comes out of your mouth.
One day I’ll understand peoples chatter.
One day I’ll understand just because people stop talking when you walk in doesn’t mean they were talking about you.
One day I might be important enough for somebody.
One day I’ll be able to understand all of my feelings.
One day I’ll make sense of the ‘reason’ things happen.
One day I’ll make peace with others.
One day it’ll be me who understands the reason of actions.
One day I’ll make my own decisions about my life.

Today is not that day, but one day I’ll be me again.

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