You’ve changed

What does anyone mean by the statement, you’ve changed. Everyone changes all the time. No one can sit there and say just in January you were the same person as you are now. Because there has been moments in the year where things haven’t been right and things haven’t gone the way you thought they would have.

I’m always scared of losing people, I’m always scared of someone turning around and saying those two words to me. But I don’t know why I’m always so scared of that. I know that I’ve changed but that doesn’t mean my anxiety doesn’t stop existing because in my mind I know these things. Maybe it’s that one of the worst fears I have is dying and no one knowing because I’ve pushed everyone so far away.

But my mind still asks ‘how is this a bad thing?’ is it not better to change than to always stay the same. If I stayed the same, I’d be someone who got walked all over (I still do but I know how to stand up for myself when needed). If I stayed the same, I’d be friends with people who didn’t care about me in anyway. If I stayed the same, I wouldn’t be dating the person I’m dating, and I’d still be living at home.

I know which one I’d rather, but why is it still such a bad thing to be changing?



2 thoughts on “You’ve changed

  1. Love this post. I completely agree, change is necessary. I feel like ‘you’ve changed’ is never said in a positive way. Surely if anything it should because we’re all progressing to be a better version of ourselves. And being that better version means going through good times and bad. When someone says ‘you’ve changed’ in a condescending tone You just have to realise that you’ve stopped being the person they want you to be. X


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