Looking back

When I sit and I think about the journey I’ve had this past year (Jan 2015-Nov 2016) it’s crazy to think about how far I came from and how far I’ve come. For work I’ve been creating a movie for our graduating students, which brings up my photo library on my computer and iMovie. This made me think maybe I just need to remember this time. I know you can’t tell what’s actually been happening in half of this movie and it looks just like a slide full of me (which it is) but it has so much meaning to it.

It starts at the very start of me being ‘ok’ with being 3 hours away from home, my recent break-up and my job. Then we go through other stages of life, such as a photo of me after my boyfriend left for another weekend, which was one of the weekends that hurt the most and I started to realise I’d move on and had become attached to Nice Guy. To nights out with Nice Guy and to becoming ok with another friend leaving for something I’m still so confused about. It’s crazy to think of all the things I’ve achieved this year. I just wonder what the next year will bring.

And lets be honest I’ve started being very selfish as I know I haven’t been in the past.


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