I live in a country where everything is a long way away and it’s expensive to get places and do things.

But at the beginning of January, mum and I had some time off to go exploring and after the year we both had we really needed it. Mum decided that she wanted to see Tasmania again (my mum loves Tasmania and wishes she lived there). So we booked flights and a car and went. We had 2 weeks away in temperatures that we get here in Winter, in Summer.

It was really worth going away and got me to stop thinking about how awful my life has been AND got the new year off to a good start.

Here are some pictures from my time away.




Darkness Day 5/365

It’s been a blurry day. My dads in hospital, it’s not looking good. I said goodbye to Nice Guy for 7 days. I had an appointment. Dad had its of fluid come out of him.

I’ve sheltered myself. I’ve shut myself down. I’ve let it all get too much.

I’m working on this. This is a thing I need to work on.